Body hair is fine – but just not the pits!

What was still considered “normal” in the eighties and early nineties is unthinkable today: armpit hair. The removal of armpit hair developed as a trend in the USA and slowly made its way over to us in the last 20 and 30 years. Only 50 percent of men today opt to remove their armpit hair as opposed to almost 80 percent of all women. Men having hair on their face, chest, or under the arms is considered a status symbol in some countries and cultural circles; it expresses a certain position within society. This applies, in particular, to Arab or oriental countries. Nevertheless, the trend to permanently remove armpit hair is increasingly picking up speed in Central Europe and, above all, in Germany.

Regular hair removal irritates the skin

In contrast to the bikini zone and legs, no other area requires shaving as often as the area under the arms. Armpits must continually be kept hairless and smooth, especially in summer when women want to wear a strappy top or strapless dress to beat the heat. It not only creates the perfect appearance, but it influences the smell of sweat, which is usually amplified by having underarm hair. Removing hair from certain parts of the body has pretty much become a “must” in some sports, above all in swimming, where the removal is necessary to reduce drag. This means using a razor almost every day to remove hair from the armpit area. This is not healthy for the skin over the long run. It constantly irritates the skin, which is already sensitive, and makes it permanently susceptible to inflammation. Additional remedies for skin irritation, redness, and ingrown hair are expensive and are not acceptable for all skin types.

Permanent hair removal with IPL

We use Ellipse’s SWT technology (aka IPL) to remove hair in a healthy manner that’s gentle on the skin. IPL is a procedure that guarantees permanent hair removal using state-of-the-art medical methods. The first results are generally noticeable and visible after the first treatment sessions. The complex and annoying process of shaving armpits is no longer necessary after permanent hair removal treatment is completed, allowing you to easily jump-start your day odor-free and without any hair.

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