No more chances for back and shoulder hair!

What mother nature created and what “men” like to show off, is no longer desirable today. Most men today even find shoulder and back hair quite disturbing. In comparison to our ancestors, whose dense body hair acted as a sunscreen or was used to keep warm in cold weather, hair on your head or facial hair only has a certain symbolic meaning today. Many today consider shoulder or back hair to be unsexy and unsightly. Over 85% of all men prefer flawless, smooth skin and therefore choose to have hair removed. Most men, however, associate “removing back hair” with wax strips, epilation, tweezing, and pain. Such associations can especially cause anxiety among men who suffer from thick hair growth, leading them to regularly have their back hair removed.

Try out the gentle SWT method.

Do you want to painlessly have your back hair removed and not have to go every week to have it done? Then look no further – you’re at the right place! Hairless Skin doesn’t use traditional shaving, epilation, or waxing to remove shoulder and back hair. Instead, Hairless Skin uses Ellipse’s SWT (Intense Pulsed Light) technology to permanently remove hair. With our experience from over 15,000 “permanent hair removal” treatments, we have fully specialized in hair removal using the IPL technology. Many of our customers have used IPL technology to permanently have their back hair removed, especially because conventional methods of removing hair such as waxing, tweezing, or epilating didn’t agree with them.

Trust is good, quality is better, both are the best.

Everything that has to do with the body is always a matter of trust – even when it comes to men. And that’s where we come in. As your partner for permanent hair removal, it’s important to us to stand by your side and act responsibly, guiding you from consultation and the first treatment steps through to the desired result. Our skilled staff is highly specialized in the removal of hair and continually undergo training in order to apply the latest techniques concerning IPL and permanent hair removal. Hairless Skin uses Ellipse’s SWT technology (IPL) application. This method not only meets the most advanced medical standards but is also recommended by world-leading physicians and experts. Results can already been seen and felt after the first treatment.

Are you interested in having your hair removed permanently without experiencing any pain? Then contact us. We will gladly arrange a consultation with you in order to discuss your needs and wishes and to perform a detailed skin/hair analysis. Afterwards, we will explain each and every treatment unit to be taken with IPL technology in order to help you achieve your goal as soon as possible. Call us, send us an email, or message us via WhatsApp. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. As a small welcome gift, you will receive a €25 start-up voucher from us!

Permanent hair removal without any pain? Don’t hesitate! We’ll help you achieve your endeavors – especially when it entails

no more chances for back and shoulder hair!

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