A beautiful neckline – the symbol of femininity

Our ancestors needed to have a lot of hair in order to survive. It provided protection from the cold. Over the course of history, however, hair eventually began to grow thinner and thinner. Having hair on your chest and stomach is not desirable in today’s world, and it especially stands out on delicate areas such as on the neckline. The IPL method effectively removes chest hair. Anyone who gets their hair permanently removed benefits from a feminine-looking body. A beautiful neckline not only stands for femininity but exudes a certain sensual elegance. Have your chest and stomach hair permanently removed, too. Join us on a journey into a new life that’s filled with beauty and supple, soft skin.

Permanent removal of chest and stomach hair

New treatment options are possible with Ellipse’s SWT method. It is now possible to easily remove stomach and chest hair without encountering any complications. You’ll be won over by our hair removal method that impresses with a lasting result. A perfect look is our goal. Aesthetics geared entirely to your wishes. We offer you the opportunity to feel comfortable in your own skin – whether it’s on the beach, in the swimming pool, or in an evening dress. The SWT hair removal method makes it all possible!

Appealing results with hair removal

Removing stomach hair gives you an attractive yet sporty look. A female belly is especially attractive when hairless and smooth. Women who have their chest hair removed radiate greater positive energy. The IPL method noticeably makes life more enjoyable – whether it’s on the beach, in the sauna, or while playing sports. We help you clear your mind of hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving. Using the IPL method to remove body hair is a permanent solution. Hair that’s been removed will never grow again.

Reasons for permanent hair removal

Permanently removing chest and stomach hair offers a wide range of advantages:
• Body hair is hard to clean.
• Hair provides the ideal habitat for odor-causing bacteria.
• Aesthetics are influenced by hair.
• Sports injuries heal better without hair.
• Touches to smooth skin are much more intense.
• Results last a long time after treatments.
• Increased tendency to be impulsive in all aspects of daily life.

Women of all ages want their hair permanently removed

Anyone who wants their chest hair removed knows about the associated benefits. We use Ellipse’s SWT method which shines pure filtered light on to your skin through the applicator. The painless procedure destroys hair from the root and ensures that hair doesn’t grow back. It’s an inexpensive, effective, and safe method. We treat the hair follicles in a gentle manner and destroy them with high-frequency pulses of heat. At most, all you will feel is a slight tingling sensation on the skin.

Never shave again!

Do you want your hair permanently removed? Then let us show you how we permanently remove hair and discuss possible payment options. Give us a call at +352 / 26897333. We’ll be happy to advise you in a personal and, of course, free consultation.

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