Facial hair - does not have to be.

In men, beard growth is normal and desirable because it can look very attractive to males. However, women are expected to have a smooth skin, especially in the area of the face. Unfortunately, nature often ensures that even in women an unwanted facial hair forms the ladybeard..

Especially on the face, it can be very stressful for women when unwanted hair forms. Strong hair growth is considered to be unaesthetic and unfeminine and often leads to serious mental health problems. In many women, facial hair forms only during menopause, others develop the hair at a very young age.

Why excessive hair growth occurs in women is not clear, but how to treat annoying hair successfully and above all permanently we know exactly.

The removal of unwanted facial hair in women is one of the most common applications in the Hairless Skin Institutes, the treatments are performed by our skin experts with the utmost care and very successful results.

Even men decide more often for the beard correction and thus a well-groomed appearance. Do not fret about unwanted hair growth any more, get informed, as many thousands of customers already, about the gentlest method of removal.

Opt for more spontaneity and a better lifestyle, feel free and attractive, without shaving.

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